Planked is a small Dorset based company. We produce Handcrafted Bespoke British Chopping, Cheese, Charcuterie Boards and Homewares. From beautiful large End Grain chopping boards to Coffee Scoops and lots in between.

Everything is designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, to form very unique products from sustainable timber, sourced both locally and from afar.

Our End Grain Boards - Why End Grain? 

End Grain Boards are more durable and kinder to knife blades, which makes End Grain Chopping Boards the number one choice for Butchers and Chefs. The boards are Handmade from start to finish. Using the best quality FSC timber, one of these boards will last you a lifetime. The process of making a End Grain Board is double the process and nearly double the timber of a standard board. The timber is cut twice and then turned to reveal the beautiful colourful End Grain on the top of the board. 

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